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  • 24 Oct 2014 4:32 PM
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    I am currently laying out plans to build a 1929 101 essentially from scratch. I have a source for a 29 motor and I want to do an accurate recreation with a mix of new and old parts. But one thing I am curious about that I have been unable to find any information about elsewhere is handlebar dimensions. The only two things I would like to do differently from a standard 1929 is a John Brown headlight and the handlebars. I have seen a few images in various locations of 101's with lower M shaped bars with less rise and pullback. Recently a 1933 Motoplane was posted on ebay that had similar handlebars (link to pictures below). I am curious if there were any original factory bikes that came with these different bars or if all of these were custom builds.



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  • 25 Oct 2014 12:59 AM
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    What you are looking for is the "Sport" handlebar. One sport version came around -26 for the short Scout and another came later for the 101 Scout. Indian had an array of different handlebars for the 26-31 Indian lineup, but I am not sure how a customer could order them as in the parts list was only shown standard and sport handlebar. In the yahoo group "101 Scout" in the "photo" and "album" section, titled "handlebars" you can see most of the bar versions that would fit the 101.  However the No 1 picture of a sport bar is not standard, but straightened or custom bent. There is s few restorers that can reproduce all of the versions, but sometimes there is a shortage of the cast centerpieces.

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