The 101 Association, Inc.
For the preservation and enjoyment of 1928 to 1931 Indian Scout Motocycles
"You can't wear out an Indian Scout"

Minutes of the October 11, 2015, Board Meeting
Fort Yarocki, Torrington, CT

Treasurer's Report 2015     Membership Report 2015     Website Report 2015

The 2015 Directors and Officers were nominated and reelected for 2016.

Minutes of the November 23, 2014, Board Meeting
Fort Yarocki, Torrington, CT

Meeting Minutes 2014

The President deferred his report until the publication of the January WOW.

Treasurer's Report 2014     Membership Report 2014     Website Report 2014

The 2014 Directors and Officers were nominated and reelected for 2015.

Minutes of the November 30, 2013, Board Meeting
Fort Yarocki, Torrington, CT

The meeting was held as planned, but the minutes
were not available until the November 23, 2014 meeting.

Minutes of the November 17, 2012, Board Meeting
Fort Yarocki, Torrington, CT

The meeting was held as planned, but the minutes are not yet available.

They probably never will be.  Thank you, Mr. Secretary.

Minutes of the November 26, 2011, Board Meeting
Fort Yarocki, Torrington, CT


2.      Call to Order at 10:20 am.

Roll Roll Call: Present: Randy Walker, George Yarocki, Milli Yarocki, Joan Walker, Jeff Alperin, Jim Garripoli, Doug Strange (by phone live), Will Paley, Don Griswold, Tim Baer.

3.      Special Orders – were  suspended.

4.      Minutes of last meeting were approved as published.

5.      Officers Reports:

a.       President – read by Randy and submitted to be published in the WOW. Moved, seconded and passed to be accepted as read.

b.       Vice President – read by George and submitted to be published in the WOW. Moved, seconded and passed to be accepted as read.

c.       Treasurer – ready by Joan and submitted to be published in the WOW. Moved, seconded and passed to be accepted as read. Ending balance for the year in all accounts was $9,650.11.

d.       Secretary – none, minutes from last year as published.

e.       Membership Chair – read by Jeff and submitted to be published in the WOW. Moved, seconded and passed to be accepted as read. There were 49 New and rejoined members, we now have members in 24 countries. Internet membership is the fastest growing type and the most growth in membership is in Australia.

f.        Website – read by and submitted to be published in the WOW. Moved, seconded and passed to be accepted as read. Costs $540 per year. Jeff could whittle website archives to cut costs, Board voted against. This. Jeff and Joan will work on combining the domain names owned into one entity of ownership for the Club.

g.       WOW Editor – Doug gave his report and submitted to be published in the WOW. Moved, seconded and passed to be accepted as read. He stated that he needs more information from the content committee and ways to get more stories were briefly discussed.

6.       Committee Reports for the year

a.       Memorabilia – Randy & Doug S – no progress this year: memorabilia is not selling well. Moved, seconded and passed to be accepted as read.

b.       Merchandising – Joan & Bruce – will do no more T-shirts for present – what we have is not selling well. Hats still sell well. Moved, seconded and passed to be accepted as read.

c.       Fun Run – Will reported that he has Routes in reserve for Rhinebeck and CT. Has a route ready for Rhinebeck already this year. Moved, seconded and passed to be accepted as read.

d.       R&O – GY states they are selling well, has $1100 in sales for the year. Moved, seconded and passed to be accepted as read.

e.       WOW content – George & Jim discussed getting content to Doug

7.      International Reps reports: Randy read reports from Dave Martin and Carl Erik Renquist and submitted to be published in the WOW. Moved, seconded and passed to be accepted as read.

8.      Unfinished business

a.       Jim and Milli discussed making a Club Patch, after much discussion no action was taken at this time in the meeting on it.

b.       Discussed were trying to attract and service new international members by offering more activities and specialties for overseas members.

c.       The R&O Sales were discussed. It is copy written to the 101 Association. A motion was made and seconded to not sell the R&O to nonmembers of the Club. Much discussion on this point occurred and the motion was withdrawn with a request that a committee be appointed to study the question. A motion was made and seconded and passed to start this committee. Randy appointed committee.

d.       The Club Patches subject was reintroduced by Milli. It was motioned to make the patches. The motion did not pass.

e.       A motion was made to revise the bylaws so that members in good standing could participate in the Annual BOD meeting without suspension of special orders. Being as all members are invited to the meetings, the motion was not seconded.

f.        It was asked if the website can send emails regarding the need for info for the WOW. This was discussed but no action was taken. New members will be contacted for input into the WOW. The Committee’s responsibilities were discussed.

g.       The Merchandise committee will research small order ability to produce 101 Merchandise for members as a service without a large investment of time or money by the club. Joan and Jeff will work on this.

9.      New Business

a.       Discussion ensued on the WOW direction for the coming year and it will be left as is with direction for the coming year at the discretion of the editor.

b.       Discussion ensued on the Website direction for the coming year and one goal will be to move the domain names into a single owner under the Club name.

c.       Discussion ensued on dues for the coming year and that there is no change was moved, seconded and passed.

d.       Discussion was held to determine host meet for Annual meet this year and everyone felt that Oley was the best venue for this meeting. Having it at Oley was moved, seconded and passed.

e.       The Fun Run will be at Rhinebeck, weather permitting

f.        After discussion, it was moved, seconded and passed that Jeff be empowered to buy a version of “Publisher” to facilitate translation and to publish materials to the website.

g.       The Treasurer asked the Board for direction on records retention. She has 16 years of Treasurer and membership materials she is not sure what to do with. After discussion, it was moved, seconded and passed that the Treasurer keep 7 years of financial records and could discard all old membership records from her tenure as membership chair (these are now all online).

h.       Publishing the WOW was discussed and it was moved, seconded and passed to continue with ACOM as printer for the next year with a final accounting on printing and postage costs to be presented at next year’s meeting.

i.         The concern was raised about that since new cases are being built, that the serial numbers of cases might become an issue. It was suggested that the 101 Association be the repository for existing numbers as a way for owners (members and non-members) to most effectively determine what serial numbers might be used correctly. Joan was to give Jeff all previous Engine Registry info she had amassed and Jeff will correlate it with info he has on member’s case numbers.

10.   Election of officers

a.       President  - re-elected was Randy Walker)

b.       Vice President – re-elected was George Yarocki)

c.       Secretary – elected was Bruce Rinschler

d.       Treasurer – re-elected was Joan Walker

e.       Membership – re-elected was Jeff Alperin

f.        WOW Editor – re-elected was Doug Strange

g.       Web Designer – re-elected was  Jeff Alperin

h.       Directors at large – re-elected was  Tim Raindle and  Jim Garripoli and elected was Tim Baer

i.         Honored Directors – re-elected were Jerry Hatfield and Milli Yarocki

11.   Committee Appointments

a.       Fun Run – Will Paley

b.       Merchandise:  Joan and Jeff

c.       Engine registry Joan and Jeff

d.       Special Committees – none current

12.   Next meeting was set for Saturday before is 11/15/12 – the Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving.

13.   The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 pm

 Respectfully submitted, Joan Walker serving for Bruce Rinschler from notes taken at the meeting by Will Paley.

Minutes of the November 27, 2010, Board Meeting

The annual meeting of the 101 Association was held at George Yarocki’s Residence on November 27, 2010.  President Randy Walker called the meeting to order at 10:15AM. The secretary called the roll and the following Board Members were present: Randy Walker, President; George Yaroki, Vice President, Joanie Walker, Treasurer,  Jeff Alprin, Membership and Web Site Editor, Jim Garripoli, Director, Bruce Rinchler, Director, Millie Yarocki, Honored Director, Will Paley, Honored Director;  Don Griswold and Doug Frederick; 101 Association Members.  Absent from the meeting: Brenda Crelan, Secretary;  Doug Strange, WOW Editor; Bob Kelly, Director; Kevin Arsenault, Director, Steve Rinker, Associate Director, Tim Raindle, Associate Director and Roving Reporter.  Doug Frederick was asked to perform the duties of secretary at this meeting.  Special orders at this meeting were suspended at the request of President Walker and seconded by Vice President Yarocki. 

The minutes from last year’s board of directors meeting were read by Jeff Alperin.  There was a motion to accept the minutes by Jeff Alperin, and seconded by Bruce Rinchler.  The vote was unanimously accepted. 


President Randy Walker offered his report focusing on the good and bad times of the year 2010.  The internet discussion group has brought great member interaction with a healthy discussion of facts, tips and history.  The National Meet and judging was well attended at Oley and enjoyed by all.  The off and on rain at Rhinebeck didn’t deter a few 101 riders from enjoying a road run on Sunday.  The bad times were centered around the WOW, which as you all know, was not published in 2010.  We need participation from the club with the WOW and new people need to step up to help.  The presidents report was accepted by George Yarocki. 

Vice President, George Yarocki, submitted the following report.

I am concerned as our club is in trouble.  Not financially, but communication wise.  Our news-letter is the communication part of our club, between management and the members.  When the new-letter fails, as it has for the entire year of 2010, we are in trouble.

However, I feel that all is not lost and the 101ers I have talked with are sticking in there and hoping their club will survive.  And we will survive, hopefully stronger than ever as the Indian 101 Scout is more desired than ever, worldwide.  In this down turn of the economy, the Indian 101 Scout has not only retained its value, but gone up slightly.

Steps need to be taken; our constitution must be changed to allow quicker communication between officers and directors.  Voting on important issues needs to be allowed by email.  Email gives a permanent record of exactly what’s written and ties the time down to the minute.  This would allow us to have directors and/or officers worldwide.

We must not get tangled up in majority rule with our membership.  A democracy elects its leaders and the leaders lead.  If membership becomes unhappy with a leader, then that leader is voted out. 

My hope is that we can sort things out at this annual meeting and get back on track.  Our news-letters don’t need to be great long literary works, just a few pages of information to our members concerning their club.  Even a booklet of twelve pages would be better than nothing at all.

The vice president’s report was accepted by Will Paley , seconded by Bruce Rinchler and unanimously accepted by all.

The Treasurers Report was submitted by Joanie Walker:

Treasurer’s Report 2009-2010 (as of 11/23/10)

Beginning Balance



·         Checkbook



·         Petty Cash






·         Interest



·         Dues


2010,late 09s


·         Membership and Ship



·         R & O






·         Postage



·         Bank, Pay Pal and Charge Fees



·         Website/ domain name



·         Copy/Printing



·         Trophies



·         Office and Computer Supplies



·         Food Expenses



·         R & O Account



·         T-Shirts and Merchandise



·         Transfer to PC for Shows



Ending Balance:



(+$4,563.34 from last year)

·         Checkbook



·         Petty Cash




Treasurer, Joanie Walker, stated that income was up because no money was spent on the WOWs.  Furthermore, membership is down and only $40.00 of merchandise was sold at Rhinebeck.  Will Paley voted to accept the report, seconded by Jim Garripoli and accepted unanimously by all.

George Yarocki then offered the treasurers’ report for the Repair and Overhaul Manual Account:

Beginning Balance








Secretary of State




20 R &O Manuals and Tech Tips (10/12/10)


#14 Tech Tips (9/28/10)


Total Expenses


Balance: Nov 27, 2010


16 Shop manuals on hand 11/27/10

The report was accepted by Will Paley, seconded by Bruce Rinchler and unanimously accepted by all.

            The membership report was submitted by Jeff Alperin:

2009 Members


2010 New Members

43 (+9)

2009 members who lapsed

-54 (+21)

Previously lapsed members who rejoined

8 (+5)

Current Members

248 (-4)

Current Countries

22 (+1)


2009 Mail/ Internet Distribution:






158 (63%)

20 (8%)

178 (71%)


58 (23%)

15 (6%)

73 (29%)


216 (86%)

35 (14%)



2010 Mail/ Internet Distribution






132 (53%)

32 (13%)

164 (66%)


60 (24%)

24 (10%)

84  (34%)


192 (77%)

56 (23%)



We again held our own in tough times.  But, volatility has increased (the number of both new and lapsed members has grown).  We are trending toward the internet (up 60% to roughly one quarter) and toward the international (up 15% to roughly one third).  We now have more Australian members (15) than Canadian members (14).

We disappointed our members in 2009 and 2010 by missing our newsletter commitment.  I doubt that we can do so again without significant membership erosion.  It is also my opinion that we should not ask our current members to pay dues for 2011 (as they did not receive the promised benefits for their 2010 dues).

Website Report by Jeff Alperin

Late in 2008 we converted our website to use the Wild Apricot web hosting facility.  They specialize in membership support websites for clubs and non-profit organizations.  In addition to good web site development facilities, they support event calendars, photo albums, membership applications, online payment, merchandise management, and much more.  We pay them $50.00 per month ($540.00 yearly) for the facility because we have had over 250 active members at times. 

The membership management functions of the site track 879 contacts.  Of those, 528 are archived past members, 248 are active members, and 103 are lapsed members (2008 and 2009 members who did not renew in 2010).

98% of new members and 95% of renewals come from the website.

Some members have logged onto the site hundreds of times (489 is the high).

56 of 248 active members are “internet” members.  That’s 23%, up from 14% in 2009.

36 of 248 members have invalid email addresses.

Domains and web resources in use:

101Scout.Com, Walker, expires Nov 28, 2011, NOT Auto renew

101Scout.Org, Alperin, expires Oct 05, 2012, Auto renew

101Scout.Net, Alperin, expires Oct 05, 2012, Auto renew

Standard Goggle Apps Memberships for all three domains (50 mailboxes each).

Pisca Web Albums (Google) – 67 albums, 5.5 GB (20@$5/yr, 80@$20)

Plan for 2011:

Scan and post all prior WOWs for members only.  Where are they?

Get the Merchandise Mart running properly (but I said that last year)

Encourage members to put their photos into albums on our site.

Get valid email addresses for all members?

Possibilities for 2011:

Reduce website payments to $25.00//month ($270/yr) by managing members with invalid email addresses offline (must mail materials anyway).  Extra work for me.

Discontinue “internet” option.

Provide free email address to members (example: using Google Apps or iPage.  Could store email or forward to exisiting mailbox as member option.

Get iPage membership for $42/yr=unlimited mailboxes, and unlimited storage (but, for $5/year I would not bother to move our files).

Email membership cards for self print (upon renewal) or put on website.

The WOW report was submitted by Joanie Walker:

No WOW magazines were distributed to the membership in 2010 and a sincere apology was offered by Joanie Walker.  She suggested returning to the old way of producing, editing and publishing the WOW.  Doug Strange will be compiling and editing the WOW and forwarding it to Joanie as a complete document. Then Joanie would forward it to the printers, prepare each envelope for mailing and her local post office would affix postage and send them out.

The report was accepted by Randy Walker, seconded by George Yaocki and unanimously approved.


Memorabilia Committee: (Randy Walker and Doug Strange) Nothing to report for the year 2010

Merchandise Committee: (Joanie Walker and Bruce Rinchler) There will be no calendar this year.  There were only four t-shirts sold last year, so we will continue to sell shirts at the sale price and not order any additional shirts.  We are going to ask Dave Martin for a status report on the decal he is creating.

Fun Run Committee: (Will Paley) Three routes are set up for Rhinebeck and Fort Yarocki.

International Reps did not submit a report for the meeting.



Randy Walker brought put forth to the board that Steve Rinker is looking for a sponsor for his 101 Flat Track Racer.  Steve is an active member on the race circuit and is very competitive in the sport.  Jeff Alperin suggested that we post race info as it pertains to Steve on the 101 Website.  Jim Garripoli also mentioned that we could write an article about Steve in the WOW and post his results in each issue and mention that he is looking for a sponsor.  Randy will talk to Steve and get back to the group.


There was considerable discussion on the future of the WOW. As George mentioned in his report the WOW is the heart and soul of the club.  We cannot continue to count on one or two people to produce and publish the WOW and expect our club to survive.  Roving reporters must report, international representatives must contribute and members must assist in the success of their club.  It was suggested that a WOW content committee be formed to assist Doug Strange in the publication of the WOW.  The committee would be chaired by George Yarocki with Jeff Alperin, Jim Garripoli and Doug Frederick assisting.  Their function would be to gather materials from members, set deadlines with reporters, and research stories for the WOW.  The chairman of the committee will then forward all materials to editor and publisher Doug Strange.  Chairman Yarocki set the following 2011 deadlines for quarterly issues of the WOW.

January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and Oct 1st.

This motion was approved by Will Paley, seconded by Bruce Rin and unanimously accepted by all.

Jeff Alperin further proposed that we solicit a price from ACOM Publishing to print, package and mail the WOW.  George Yarocki will check on a price from ACOM.  This motion was approved by Will Paley, seconded by George Yarocki and unanimously approved.

There has been discussion among members about how to make the club website more user- friendly.  Jeff Alperin graciously agreed to write an article for the WOW that would offer a step-by-step procedure on information regarding login and use of the website.

Jeff Alperin brought up that some members question the use of membership list.  As you know, the 101 club annually sends out an updated membership list with the WOW.  There was discussion about having personal information readily available and others felt there was no issue because the information was only sent out to members.  The decision was sent to committee for further discussion.

It was decided that dues will remain the same for 2011. Since there was no WOW in 2010, Jeff Alperin suggested that every member in good standing as of 11/28/10 will have their membership renewed at no cost.  The motion was approved by Will Paley, seconded by George Yarocki and unanimously approved by all.

George Yarocki brought up the increase in cost of preparing the Repair and Overhaul Manual for sale.  He has included his thirteen tech tips with every new manual. It was his suggestion that we increase the price of the R & O by $15.00. 

Jeff Alperin proposed the following changes to the constitution and bylaws of the 101 Association:

Article 3 Section 2 – delete last line

Article 3 Section 5 – delete the word “annually” and insert the words “to upon request”

Article 3 Section 7 -  change to read “30 days in writing or in person”

Article 4 Section 2 - include the word “email” and change 45 days to 30 days

Article 4 Section 3 – special meetings will have 3 days notice by email or phone, only business specified in the notice can be transacted

Article 5 Section 1 – change to read “all directors and board members shall remain on office for one year”  Also, “Upon election each officer and director must supply a valid phone number and email.”

Article 6 Section 1 -  Remove “committees must have two or more” change to “one or more”

Changes were approved by Will Paley, seconded by  Bruce Rinkler and unsnimously accepted.

Jim Garripoli has agreed to work with Jeff Alperin to re-write the bylaws with the new changes in place.

Millie Yarocki will continue to look into a 101 patch.

The National Meet for the 101 Association will be the Meet at Oley.

Jim Garripoli has suggested that we have a barbeque and road run on July 3rd 2011 at Fort Yarocki located in Torrington, CT.  Will Paley has offered to help Jim with a road run route. 

Will Paley has also graciously accepted to write an article for the WOW on the Pewter Run.

The following letter was submitted by Richard Spagnoli to be presented at the 101 Yearly Meeting. 


I won’t be able to make the meeting but would be happy to call and make a proposal if you have access to a speaker phone.  If not, my thoughts are that the 101 Association could become a Chapter of the AMCA while retaining its identity as a Chapter with exclusive membership for owners of 101a or those interested in these bikes.  I suspect that most current members are also AMCA members so there would be an easy transition.

What would be the advantage of becoming a Chapter in the AMCA? As a Chapter, there would be the umbrella of insurance coverage the AMCA offers Chapters.  The 101 Chapter President could attend the AMCA Chapter President’s Meeting in Davenport each year and receive periodic AMCA Chapter President Newsletters.  In addition, there could be an AMCA National Road Run exclusively for 101 owners.  The Road Run could be anywhere in the country.  I would also like to see more 101s on display at National Meets, perhaps with exclusive areas for displaying our bikes like we do at Oley.  If there is enough interest in this concept, I envision 101 members in close proximity to National Meets coordination the display with the Chapter sponsoring the meet.

If we want to see our bikes on the road more, I think we have to do more than have a short ride each year after our yearly meeting.  You may even consider having a meeting of the Association at one of the National Meets to get more members involved (Oley).

No one seconded this proposal and the item was tabled.

Through the 101 Association Website, Jeff Alperin is proposing offering email addresses to the club as mentioned in his website report.

The next meeting of the 101 Association will be the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2011.


President – Randy Walker

Vice-President – George Yarocki

Secretary – Doug Frederick

Treasurer – Joanie Walker

Membership – Jeff Alperin

Editor/Publisher – Doug Strange

Web Designer – Jeff Alperin

Directors: Jim Garripoli, Bruce Rinchler, Tim Raindle, Doug Strange,

Honored Directors – Max Bubeck, Jerry Hatfield, Will Paley, Jeff Alperin

Associate Board Members – Steve Rinker

The meeting adjourned at 2:55PM.

The minutes are respectfully submitted by Doug Frederick.

Minutes of the November 22, 2009, Board Meeting

The annual Board of Director’s Meeting for the 101 Association was held at George and Milli Yarocki’s residence in Torrington, Connecticut.

The meeting was called to order at 10:12 AM.

Present at Roll Call:

Randy Walker, president. George Yarocki, VP, Brenda Crelan, Secretary. Joan Walker, Treasurer & Editor. Jeff Alperin, Membership & Web designer. Will Paley, Honored Director. Bruce Rinschler, Associate Director. Kevin Arsenault, Director. Other members & guest: Don Griswold, Heather Walker, Mike Doldo and Tim Raindle, International Rep to the UK. Avril Mitchell, Bryan Robbins from the UK and Dave Alperin. Also Milli Yarocki, Director.

Agenda:  reviewed and approved

Minutes: read and approved from last year

Officers Reports: were submitted and read by Randy Walker, George Yarocki, Joan Walker and Jeff Alperin.

Randy’s report spoke of a year of changes; the recession has hit many people, changing their lives. All activities getting ready to move to the farm and downsize Walker Machine. All the WOWs are getting out, Email WOWs are more popular. The cost is down due to new printing program and E-Wows – no increase in dues should be necessary. Talked of mini-meet in Europe. New ideas and input always welcome.

Georg’s report spoke of our Indian 101 still being sought after by enthusiast from every corner of our planet. Hopefully due to the 101 association, but mostly the fact it is still a “good” motorcycle. Large amount of R&O Sales.

Joanie’s treasurer’s report: T-shirt sales are down as well as WOW costs, from last year. R&O sales were good.

Jeff’s membership report confirmed 251 members.

Jeff’s website report noted that the WILD APRICOT hosting facility is working out well for a nominal fee. He has also acquired for our use.

Joanie’s editors report noted that the new WOW program is working well once she figured it out. We discussed the new cover themes. She would like feedback from members on the cover colors, set up, etc – send her feedback if you have any.

Committee Reports:

Memorabilia: no new report, lack of interest being shown by buyers

Merchandising: discussed 101 Calendar. Will do 2010, but only a few. Work on 2011. Kids T-shirts are our best seller at present and it was decided to concentrate on expanding sizes available.

Fun Run: Will reported that the Rhinebeck run was successful – 10 bikes participated.

International Reps:

Dave Martin brought in a new member for 2009 and needs input on how to get the club message out to 101 owners who are potential members

Tim Raindle – UK spoke of a meet in Scotland with a large number of 101s in attendance. Spoke with Jeff on advertising on website for European mini-meets

Gordon Rinschler emailed and strongly supports continuing the Rhinebeck Road Run. In his email he says the two so far have been tons of fun and makes the whole trip worthwhile.

Unfinished business: none

New Business: discussed and agreed upon:

Review parts availability next year since Randy downsizing.

T-shirts will have limited runs for better sales

We will look into a patch or decals.

There will be a “fire sale” of merchandise we have an overstock of that isn’t selling.

Membership and dues

Dues will remain the same for US, Canada and Europe. Electronic membership will be lowered to $15 US and Canada, Europe $25. To encourage the reduction of postage costs.

AMCA meets

Our national meet and judging will be at Oley for 2010

Rhinebeck will still have a run. It will be at 10am on Saturday so there is time to stop for a bite to eat.

There will be a fall fun run with an informal meet from Ft. Yarocki in September as usual

There will be a 101 contingent at the September Allegheny run

Calendar: discussed, will go for small run 2010, larger 2011 as have all year to sell.

Jeff spoke of more parts to post on line and a parts exchange – for sale and needed. It was decided that members only can sell on this but can be viewed by the public. Need a disclaimer for quality of things sold. Jeff will form a group for the sales purpose and look into legal advice on the matter

Election of Officers:

President: Randy Walker

VP: George Yarocki

Secretary: Brenda Crelan

Treasurer: Joan Walker

Membership: Jeff Alperin

WOW editor: Joan Walker

Internet editor: Jeff Alperin

Directors: Kevin Arsenault, Bob Kelley, Bruce Rinschler, Jim Garripoli

Honored Directors: Max Bubeck, Jerry Hatfield, Will Paley, Milli Yarocki, Doug Strange

Associate Board Members: Steve Rinker, Tim Raindle

Committee Appointments:

Engine Registry: Jeff Alperi

All others remained the same

Next annual meeting: November 10, 2010 (Saturday before Thanksgiving)

The meeting was adjourned at 12:40 PM.

A last minute talk about sponsoring the Rinker's 101 racer was held, it will be looked into this year.

Submitted by Brenda Crelan, Secretary


Minutes of the November 20, 2008, Board Meeting

The Annual Board of Directors Meeting for The 101 Association was held at George and Milli Yarocki's residence at 10:00 AM on 22 November.  Present at roll call were; Randall Walker, President, George Yarocki, Vice-President, Brenda Crelan, Secretary; Joan Walker, Treasurer & Membership; Will Paley, Honored Director; Kevin Arsenault Director and Bruce Rinschler, Associate Director.

was reviewed and approved. Minutes of last year were read.

Officers reports
were submitted and read by Randy Walker, George Yarocki, and Joan Walker. Doug Strange was not able to attend, but submitted his report. He expressed the need for more input from current members for the WOW to remain successful.

Joan Walker's Treasurer's report. T-shirt sales at Rhinebeck were excellent. Cost of printing WOW. Joan reported membership currently at 251.

Will Paley reported 5 bikes participated in a short run from the Rhinebeck AMCA National Meet.

Jeff Alperin will organize a Mini 101 Meet at the AMCA National Meet in Eustis, Florida.

Computer Committee: WOW goes green! Jeff Alperin offering to help with the website and membership chair work. "Wild Apricots" will go to this website. All membership maintenance will be done through website, using PayPal. Will allocate funds for prototype website and import functions.

Memorabilia Committee: 50 plaques for Rhinebeck Timeline with our logo and Rhinebeck and year. Preregistered bikes will receive plaque. For the 25th anniversary year of the WOW magazine, plaque will be mailed in upcoming issue. 400 will be produced with 150 for resale.

The 2009 Board of Directors Meeting will be held on November 21, 2009, at 10:00 AM.

Fun Runs: Ride at the AIVICA Rhinebeck National scheduled for 1:00 PM, Saturday, but could be flexible with the Rhinebeck schedule. Kevin and Will will organize a run from Yarocki's in September, to Kent, Connecticut, for the Antique Machinery Show. Box lunches will be provided.

Dues: will remain the same next year, Continental U.S.-$25; Canada-$25; Europe-$35; all other countries-$35. $5.00 off membership to go to electronic internet, no printed material, all online. All in favor, 1 opposed.

WOW Magazine: Doug Strange will step down as editor .... thank you for your knowledge and input for our magazine. Joan Walker will assume responsibilities as editor.

Membership Chairperson: Jeff Alperin will become our new Membership Chairperson.

Merchandise: Joan Walker will take over handling merchandise. Brenda and Jeff will help with input and information mailings.

Officers for 2009: Randy Walker, President; George Yarocki, Vice-President; Brenda Crelan, Secretary; Joan Walker, Editor & Treasurer; Jeff Alperin, Membership. Tony Verbeck and Jeff Alperin, co-web designers. All Board Members and Officers remain the same for 2009.

Motion to adjourn at 1 PM. WOW!!

Submitted by Brenda Crelan, Secretary

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