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Brake switch / light

  • 09 Jan 2022 8:12 AM
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    Happy new year to all. Despite the misery of the pandemic I was able

    to get Randy and Dave (RIP) to complete my restoration on my 1930 scout. It came out beautifully and runs like a top and made its maiden voyage in august to the yankee meet ( 75 miles each way from Wilbraham ) without a hitch. 
    I think I’d like to set it up with a brake light switch and am looking for any input/ insights as to how accomplish this in the least obtrusive way possible. It’s a 12v set up now and am just curious how many have done this and how they accomplished it. 

    Best Regards…stay safe and happy in 2022


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  • 13 Jan 2022 12:26 PM
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    Joel, there is an interesting thread from a few years ago on the AMCA forum about adding a stop light to a 1927 Harley JD.  It may give you some ideas!

  • 14 Jan 2022 10:27 AM
    Reply # 12262033 on 12250059

    One approach to consider: a simple micro switch that the brake cross-over rod compresses/releases to control the power to a modified tail light socket. Mount the switch on a simple L-bracket behind the transmission out of sight. (these are tiny, waterproof, under $15 USD and can be set ON/OFF or OFF/ON).

    On my 1928 Henderson, I then purchased a common 2 contact socket (1157 style) from an auto and trailer parts supply shop which allows for running and stop light. It goes into the stock housing and is great with an LED bulb.

    Of course, you will need to add additional wire from battery to switch and switch to stop light. Good luck!

  • 05 Feb 2022 9:29 PM
    Reply # 12578014 on 12250059

    take a look at the 1936 Sport Scout setup (Chief, too) on Jerry Greer's site, switch clamps to the frame and spring to pull the switch to the "on" position clamps to the brake rod

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