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Headlight Question

  • 27 Mar 2022 7:24 PM
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    First off I really appreciate all of the advice I’ve received from this group as I feel my way around my 101 which I waited 35 years to finally own.  I’ve seen some discussion on Facebook regarding the crazy price paid for a  Bezel( yes it was crazy) and some comments about the repops out there for a 1930 headlight.  I have a 1930 101 without the correct upgraded headlight.  I’ve read the shop manual about the headlights, but still feel like I don’t quite get it all. Randy has reminded me that finding an original might take years and may never happen so I am considering one of the repops from Poland on eBay. I bought a few other items from them and they were pretty good quality but i just don’t know enough about the lights.  Is the shell supposed to be stamped motolamp? What exactly is a John brown headlight? I see on the repop it says John brown in the lens- is there more to it than that? Before I send $800 overseas ( although with all the crap in Ukraine I am hoping Poland stays safe) I’d like to educate myself …and wonder if there is a domestic source? I assume the larger can will fit on the same stalks as the 29 lamp fits on?

    thanks for all of your help.  I feel very lucky to have this resource while learning about my bike.

    Joel Castleman

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