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kicker spring attach

  • 02 Apr 2022 5:42 PM
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    I don't see my question answered in the R&O :How is the kickstarter spring attached to the frame?  I see there's a loop on the frame end of the spring, but on my casting there is no hole for the spring, there is only a stub of what may have been a screw?  Is the frame end of the spring held by a screw?

  • 03 Apr 2022 12:54 AM
    Reply # 12691981 on 12691727

    Hi Harry

    I think the loop on the spring fits over a pin that is pressed into the casting. At least, that is how mine was set up, but my frame was pretty abused. I found the attached photo somewhere on the internet some time ago which also shows a plain pin sticking out of the casting.

    It doesn't seem like a very secure way to install it, but I assume the spring tension is supposed to keep it in place.


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  • 03 Apr 2022 7:53 AM
    Reply # 12692114 on 12691727
    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    Hi Harry, Dave is correct, there is a roll pin in the frame. That holds the spring fine. Suspect yours may have been shortened at some point ? Should be reasonably easy to pull out and replace. 

  • 03 Apr 2022 11:22 AM
    Reply # 12692234 on 12691727

    Thanks Dave and Tim!  Dave, the only picture I could find was in Moen's IPE frame pictures, but it's too small to tell if it's a screw or what!  So thanks for digging that up!  Roll pin sounds a lot easier to get out than a broken off screw!

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