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Right hand throttle control conversion

  • 29 Aug 2022 3:39 AM
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    Hi. I have a brother who has a prosthetic leg on his left leg and therefore has difficulty operating the clutch pedal. He needs to construct a manual handclutch lever on the left side. This means he needs to move the throttle to the right side.

    Has anyone seen any conversion kits to shift the throttle and ignition controls. I've seen it before but can't find it now.



  • 30 Aug 2022 2:26 AM
    Reply # 12900534 on 12899312

    Hi, just swap the cables from carburettor to magneto and vice versa without touching the handle bar twist grips. The cables should be long enough!

  • 30 Aug 2022 7:43 AM
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    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    You will need to swap the spirals out, as the left hand twist grip has a pull action for the carb, and the right hand twist grip has a push action for the magneto advance on a standard set up. Both twist grips have a left hand spiral on the stock set up. Walkers or Greers will sell right hand spiral twist grips. It may be worth looking at replacing the cables and internals as well if there is any marked wear or kinks in the cables. 

    Grip Control Sleeve Assembled (RH Spiral) ( Not Indian Standard but some prefer this option)


    Price: $68.00

    Walker Machine Item Number: FE-4111

    Indian Part # & Factory #: N/A / S1414Y

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    Jon Szalay has a hand clutch set up on his scout for the same reason, anyone got any pictures? I have had a search thru my files but cant find them.

  • 31 Aug 2022 6:24 AM
    Reply # 12902141 on 12899312

    I’m not sure if my  28 bike is standard but both my twist grips are pulling when twisting inward , same as my 741

  • 08 Sep 2022 11:31 AM
    Reply # 12911183 on 12899312

    There has been numerous ways owners has converted Indians to hand clutch. Here's a few examples.

    15 files
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