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Damaged Drive Side Case Repair on a 101. .

  • 19 Apr 2024 11:50 AM
    Message # 13345627

    I needed to replace the area around the drive side main bearing housing where the inner primary bolts to the main case. I'm usually competent at using a lathe to perform easy repairs like this should have been. Needless to say, I screwed it up and cracked the case mounting it into a 4 jaw chuck (still can't believe I did it). I took the cases (bolted together so as not to warp the case being repaired to a very good welder that we have used for years fixing damaged cases on crashed bikes. This is where the real screwup began. Our welder didn't know that when a crack forms ahead of your weld, stop an drill a hole at the leading edge of the crack to prevent it from extending. Needless to say, he cracked the case all the way into the bearing housing. A friend (an old timer who operated a machine shop dedicated to motorcycle and outboard engines) finished welding and machined the hole in the case for the new bearing housing. This where the real problem begins. He machined the case to clean it up, which made the case about 0.030 oversize.

    My question is,

    1. Do I have a new oversize bearing housing made to fit the case. If yes what        material should it be made from and what should the hardness be.

    2. Have the case machined a little larger, then install an insert on the housing        and press it in. If I do this, how thick shout the insert be and what king of          metal should it be made from. I'm afraid the insert would be too thin and          collapse attempting to install it in the housing now because it is too thin.



  • 20 Apr 2024 4:38 PM
    Reply # 13346032 on 13345627

    Hey Sam,

    that's really weird.

    Can you take some pictures and we can figure out if we have any ideas.

    All the best


  • 20 Apr 2024 10:58 PM
    Reply # 13346088 on 13345627

    Sam, you could turn the race down .020 and build a .050 bushing and press it on to the race then press all that into the usually have to hone the bushing to size anyway so the press shouldn't be a problem. Done this on Harley cases and a chief case once.

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