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brass mesh for hand oil pump

  • 23 May 2016 2:09 PM
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    Deleted user

    Has anybody got a source of the wire mesh needed to solder to the oil pump tube? The book says 24 x 24 0.014 mesh. Somebody removed the pump and I am in the process of putting a new one back.

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  • 24 May 2016 12:57 AM
    Reply # 4035858 on 4035171

    Scale Model building shops? Paint and Art shops? You can also find them in funnels, filters and petrol cans. Mesh also used in air condition systems. I just saw on Ebay that bits of mesh is used in smoke pipes? Mesh spec. isn't critical, it's just to avoid particles to enter the pump. In a pinch, the small size you need is also possible to weave manually from strands of electrical wire.

  • 23 Aug 2022 3:28 PM
    Reply # 12893259 on 4035171
    John Lindberg (Administrator)

    The interior of my oil tank was coated by a previous owner, and I suspect the intake slot/screen is blocked.  My hand pump will expel oil just fine, but when I pull up on the handle, I get strong suction but no oil enters the tube.  It blows, but doesn't suck.

    Not an easy area to work in, but does anybody have a photo of what the slot/screen looks like?  From the R&O Manual on page 36, it looks to be oriented towards the front of the tank.  Hoping if I can find it, I might be able to uncover it.


    John, who now has 70 miles on his '29.

  • 23 Aug 2022 6:34 PM
    Reply # 12893583 on 4035171
    John Lindberg (Administrator)

    To add on to my post above:  After some more research, seems like the proper approach would be to remove the old coating in the oil tank.  It's white stuff that appears to dissolve in acetone.  Probably worth doing the same to the gas tank and re-coating properly.

    Suggestions?  Advice?  Lessons learned?  I don't see any way to effectively remove the coating from the hand oil pump intake using tools.



  • 24 Aug 2022 6:59 AM
    Reply # 12894033 on 4035171
    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    Hi John,

    Richard Gaudio in Florida seals tanks professionally in Florida. However, you may want to consider buying  a repro tank from Parvinder Singh in India, his new models are pretty good quality, and now have correct to original fittings. 

    I can email you the contact details for both.


    Tim R

  • 25 Aug 2022 3:22 AM
    Reply # 12895259 on 4035171

    John , I bought a very exact and well made tank from Reno Indian in Czech Republic , quick delivery too , everything fitted spot on . good luck , Ken

  • 25 Aug 2022 11:44 PM
    Reply # 12896703 on 4035171

    As (I assume) the previous owner made the unfortunate desicion to seal the inside of the oil tank, I would leave the coating alone if it is in good shape and have the pump non functioning as it is not needed for regular use, only convenient for refilling the crankcase at oil changes. Make the pump working can induce some bothersome issues like leaking trough and fill up the crankcase at standstill.

    And never ever coat inside of the oil tank with sealer as an oil clog from a sealer that flake will ruin the engine. A clog in the petrol tank makes the engine only stop.

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  • 26 Aug 2022 3:24 PM
    Reply # 12897512 on 4035171
    John Lindberg (Administrator)

    Thanks to all for your input and suggestions.  I've collected a lot of info and contacts, and will update you all once I have some results to report. 

    New reproduction tanks are available from multiple sources.  At least one gentleman I spoke to is in the business of completely disassembling, re-soldering, and testing antique tanks for Indians and other brands - he comes highly recommended.  I've also spoken with another who re-coats tanks with modern materials.

    Since my tank appears to be mechanically sound, my first step will be to remove the old Kreem brand coating from both the gas and oil tanks, and have the gas tank (only) re-coated with Red Kote.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

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