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‘28-‘31 Dash with key light switch

  • 30 Sep 2020 8:59 PM
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    I got this dash with a 1929 402 and I plan on running it, just looking for any information at all on it. I talked to the Indian 4 guys and no go! 


    It is not modified.... factory hole to fit the 1932 and up switch and key.

    Only modification was the light hole was drilled out and fixed.

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  • 01 Oct 2020 3:27 AM
    Reply # 9276133 on 9275690

    Probably a previous owner modernised the bike with a newer panel for slightly better thief protection.

    I don't know much about the switch, but the switch is different internally if it is intended for battery or magneto ignition. In the magneto version in the off position, the contact is connected directly to earth as a kill button would be, but in the battery version that is disconnecting the lead between the battery and coil. 

    Last modified: 01 Oct 2020 3:29 AM | Carl-Erik Renquist
  • 01 Oct 2020 2:57 PM
    Reply # 9277343 on 9275690


    This is a Factory made '28 to '31 dash with key switch. Not modernized to a later '32 and up dash....

    I've seen a couple , 1 on a 1928 401 and also on Jay Leno's all original '31 101. 

    I assume it was an option in '31? do you know if they offered it to the public or a special order? nothing is listed in any parts book before '32 

    just looking for any factory documentation to back it up. I know its original Indian part, just when was it used in those 4 years from 28 to 31

    Last modified: 01 Oct 2020 4:38 PM | Bret Yeager
  • 02 Oct 2020 4:55 AM
    Reply # 9278435 on 9275690

    I  don't think that dash panel shape was discontinued in -31 as it can be seen on later Dispatch Tow, Junior Scout and Motoplane bikes also with a key switch.

    Last modified: 02 Oct 2020 5:03 AM | Carl-Erik Renquist
  • 02 Oct 2020 8:13 AM
    Reply # 9278654 on 9275690
    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    Hi Bret, not seen any reference to a key switch before it was announced as new for 1932. As Carl-Erik says, the same dash panel was certainly used after 1931 on several models.

    Just been thru all the copies of factory lit I have, which shows only the earlier type switch in all the pictures up to 1932.

    Someone going to call Jay and tell him his switch is off a Scout Pony ? 

    I will have a look thru the Indian dealer and Accessory photocopies over the weekend, it is possible it was offered as an option earlier, or was indeed fitted to some late 1931 bikes. The date reference is related to model years, which were often announced in the fall of the preceding year, so for example, you may have been able to buy a 1932 model in October 1931, and there certainly would have been 101s being sold in 1932 as new. As some of the later models used the earlier dash, but the new key switch, which suggests that the factory ran out of swithces but had dashes left over, maybe the last few 1931 bikes came with a key as supplies of the beavertail ran out.

    I base this thought on the fact that they never seemed to throw anything out, as can be implied by the use of clincher rims and front brake hubs of 101 pattern on junior scouts into the late thirties, nearly ten years after they were discontinued on the rest of the range.

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